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Maris Technologies Ltd. offers a custom web based solutions for the companies whose business is related to conference support. The solutions focus on automation of the routine tasks associated with the large documents turnover related to that kind of business:

  • Web-based, which makes them flexible
  • Highly scaleable, supporting thousands of conference participants
  • Designed to have СopenТ areas (for conference participants to register, view agendas etc) and restricted (for example to enable speakers to upload presentations)
  • Customisable so that your conference organizers can create a look and feel that is suitable for each individual conference

Our conference supporting solutions are in use since 2007. The most important client is International Astronautical Federation (IAF) - the world's foremost space advocacy organization having 206 members from 58 countries across the world. The general amount of users in the IAF community supported by our system exceeds 30 000.

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