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Founded in London in 1992 with investment from 3i PLC, Maris has established the largest independent software house in Russia. Maris knows how to do business in the country and can deliver the benefits of tapping into a market of outstanding, available, cost-effective talent.

Maris is supported at the highest levels in government. We have the power to put together the team you need to deliver your projects on time and on budget.    

Maris supply worldclass quality programming to a blue chip client list. Our software has won more than 20 international awards: CODIE, Milia, BAFTA and BIMA. Maris knows how to develop applications which succeed at the highest level.       

Custom solutions
From high-level programmers and software engineers to graphic designers and web specialists, Maris can provide the staff you need for your own in-house development projects at cost-effective rates, when you require them. Maris offers:

Reduced overheads for specialist projects
Developers whose quality can meet the demands of industries as rigorous and varied as astronomy and medicine
Scalable staffing resource to meet your changing needs

Maris staff
Maris employs a large team of IT specialists including:

Project and technology managers
Java, C++, VB, CGI, Perl, ASP, PHP software engineers
XML, Flash, JavaScript, ShockWave, HTML, DHTML programmers
Graphic designers, animators, illustrators and 3D modelers
Multimedia designers
QA and testing specialists
Database specialists
Sound and video editors

Maris Staff are highly trained - with some 6 PhD's and over 40 MSc's between them, and they stay with us, over 90% of the staff with the company five years ago are still with us today.

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