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Personal tutoring
If the students choose to focus first on the areas of the course they may be weak in, the wizard will set up a test for them that covers the main areas of their syllabus. This will show any topics that the users need to do special work on. The revision plan will then concentrate first on those areas.    

Study plan
The Study plan folder contains the content already filtered for the student by the program and reflects the condition of the study plan. Folders within it can be either organised by date or not, according to preferences chosen during the personal study plan creation.
Done folder contains the content the user has read and tested successfully.
This Week folder contains the content that should be reviewed during the current week according to the revision plan.    

Custom tests
Edugen allows students to create their own custom tests.
Users will see the entire list of sections, which can be tested. The created custom test will be saved and will appear in the Custom Tests subfolder of the Tests folder in the Content List.

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