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Luftwaffe Airfield, QTVR file, 2.0Mb, 320x200.

Luftwaffe Airfield, Dreux, France August 13, 1940
The date is August 13,1940 - the day on which the Germans intend to deliver their knock-out blow to the Royal Air Force defending the UK. For the Germans it is 'Adlertag' (Eagle Day). You are at Dreux airfield south-west of Paris, France. The airfield was established as a French air force base during the 1930s, and possesses two concrete runways, substantial hangarage, taxi-ways and hardstands for aircraft in the open. The German invasion of France is complete and Dreux, because its paved runways make it suitable for use by bombers, has become the Luftwaffe base for I Gruppe, Kampfgeschwader 55 flying Heinkel He 111P-2 bombers, particularly against the south coast of England. A number of bombers is present on the base. The airfield is bordered to the north and north-west by a narrow road, beyond which are dense woods in which are several hamlets, a water-mill and a railway track. To the east of the airfield, another road runs from south to north towards Dreux town and beyond this are large, ripe grain fields. The summer of 1940 is very hot and sunny, but the harvest hasn't yet been gathered. On base are also a pair of visiting Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 single-engined fighters based at nearby Beaumont-le-Roger. They are from the elite I/Jagdgeschwader 2 'Richthofen' - named after the famous 'Red Baron' of World War 1 fame. Also visiting are three Messerschmitt Bf 110C-4 twin-engined fighters of 6.ZerstЕЎrergeschwader 76 (6th Squadron of the 76th Heavy Fighter Group) from their headquarters at Laval to the north. On the runway is a Heinkel He 111P-2 of the Stabskette of Kampfgeschwader 55, normally based at KG55's headquarters at Villacoublay. It is one of three aircraft tasked with a surprise attack on the important RAF Sector Station at Middle Wallop in southern England.

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