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Internet/Intranet and CD-ROM delivery

Multiple deliverable environments: Internet/Intranet alone, CD-ROM alone, or Internet and CD-ROM hybrid. Thin client internet deliverable environment with customizable browser interface.

Enables incorporation of any web deliverable media - text, images, sound, video, java Cross-platform - PC or Macintosh.


Text conversion

Edugen converts text to XML structured data from any source including MSWord, SGML, Quark, ODBC compliant databases and knowledge and content management systems.

XML data is processed to deliver customizable HTML or WML for internet or wireless deliverable pages. Future-ready for XML native browsers.

Custom XML tagsets
Display of custom XML environments such as MathML for enhanced functionality.


Image conversion

Pre-press print images in any formats are converted to internet deliverable Gif and Jpeg.

Enhanced functionality offered by conversion of images to Flash animations. Scalable for instructor and classroom use Flash and Java interactive animations for students to simulate real-life activities.

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