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"Russian Service Module", QTVR file, 2Mb, 320x200.

Russian Service Module
Originally developed as the core module to replace Russia's aging Mir Space Station, the Russian Service Module was - in 1993 - designated to be one of the core components of Russia's contribution to the International Space Station. The Russian Service Module possesses all the necessary systems to operate as an independent orbital habitat and laboratory. In addition to providing a life support system and electrical power for up to three of the Space Station's crew, the Service Module will host the Progress Supply vehicle, which brings supplies to the Space Station and reboosts the station to its original orbit about every three months. The Service Module will also be used as a base to which to attach the Russian Power Platform and a Universal Docking Module. The Service Module will attach directly to the Stage One Module upon its launch. The Service Module is being built by RSC Energia in Kaliningrad, Russia, just outside Moscow.

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