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What is Edugen?

Edugen is an XML based platform from which learning content can be delivered into an online e-learning environment.

Edugen provides a learning environment that is:

1. Customised
Users, whether learners, trainers or administrators can personalise content to there own requirements. Edigen can analyse a learner's existing objectives and skill levels and assemble content to address their personal needs.

2. Timely
Edugen provides a "just-in-time" learning environment enabling learners to access content when and where they require it, not when it is made available in traditional "event based learning" classrooms.

3. Interactive
Edugen supports interactive learning. It delivers specific interactive learning objects, which enhance understanding and can deliver content that responds to the learner's individual level of understanding.

4. Current
Edugen maintains learning content through user input or third-party content management systems.

5. User-centric
Edugen delivers a guided one-to-one relationship with the learner and content. The focus of learning is transformed from relying on the instructor's abilities, to responding to the learner's individual needs.

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