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Why is edugen unique?

Real-time Customisation
Edugen takes the content from "source" and dynamically builds the "course" based upon parameters entered by the learner, manager/teacher or both. The learner "sees" HTML pages with full multimedia content and the learning is paced and directed by the use of testing mapped across a knowledge matrix. This means that the "course" is "rebuilt" in real-time in response to the learner's reaction to the learning interventions with which they are faced.

Benefits: From the same source content, different courseware structures can be defined to suit different organisational, individual and pedagogical needs.    

Dynamic Updating
The source information used to build the course(s) can be held enterprise-wide and need not be held within a database environment. If source documents are modified or replaced. Edugen generated courseware will automatically reflect those change.

Benefits: Increases the shelf life of courseware and ensures training, once originated, stays up-to-date can be maintained by clients.       

Cross Application Compatibility
Edugen can stand-alone, operate as a learning portal, or interface with third party applications, including content management systems, database, course management systems, and e-commerce applications. Edugen is not limited in the degree of interactivity. Any level of complexity up to full-scale applications can be embedded in Edugen content screens.

Benefits: Edugen can work within existing IT infrastructures and migrate easily if organisations' systems are changed.

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