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How edugen works

Edugen engine
The edugenTM engine has a component based architecture driven by modular applications delivering specific functions.

Session Manager

Manages user preferences and controls access. Interfaces to third party e-commerce gateways.    

Content Generator

Processes XML e-content and delivers to HTTP or WAP server.    


Controls user uptake and use of e-content.    


Dynamic cascading content tree navigation changes in response to user customization    


User or administrator defined customization of e-content.    


Customized timetabling of study planning when used for training applications.    


Fully featured question and answer testing function. Allows four question types with multiple answers - text entry, drag and drop, hot spot and multiple choice. Enables practice and exam simulation modes. Relates to e-content via a Knowledge Map matrix.    


Summary and detailed reporting of test performance and e-content usage.    


Includes XML tagged context searching, keyword, boolean, full text, case sensitive, natural language, multiple word.    

Custom Features

Flexibility to include client-specific functionality and application.    

Data manager

Core module managing the data flow between engine outputs and Content Generator.    

Authoring module

MS Word author environment with ActiveX controller.    

Data conversion

Text converted to XML e-content from source material - MSWord, Quark, SGML, ODBC databases. Images, video and sound converted to web deliverable formats, XML tagged.    

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