Truckology - the amazing world of Big Trucks on CD-ROM for truck-crazy kids.

Riding a massive quarry truck across the bright countryside visit a Farm, Fire Station, Quarry and Building site.

Explore 15 trucks performing amazing tasks.

Hot spots lead to even more excitement: zany cartoon characters are trying to guide kids around the trucks but can end up getting distracted.

Video and animation sequences show the trucks in motion.

Colour photographs tell what incredible things these machines can do.

Full technical information for each vehicle can satisfy even the most inquisitive mind.

Play truck-crazy games, climb into the cabin, switch on the engine, move blades and wheels and blow the horn to your heart's content.

Key features in Truckology:
4 VR "Truck-a-Rama"s : stunning 360 degree interactive virtual reality scenes.
Accurate, 3D animated models of 15 trucks, from the largest dump-truck in the world to a compact fork-lift.
Truck driving simulation: get in the driving seat and race a fire engine (no driving license required).
Interactive games: get your hands on the controls, plough a field, load a truck, put the fire out, operate a crane at the scrap yards and more.
Masses of photos, full motion video clips and information panels.
Masses of photos, full motion video clips and information panels.
40 minutes of specially composed Truckin' music!

Minimum system requirements:

PC Version:
486 or higher processor. Windows® 3.1/3.11 and MS-DOS® 3.3 or above, or Windows 95®. Double speed CD-ROM drive (Quad speed recommended). 256 color display (64k/16 bit color recommended). 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended). Windows compatible sound card. Mouse.

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