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You can build and explore your own
space station. Explore the virtual reality
interiors of 10 habitable modules.

Space Station Simulator, using Maris VR enhanced by Intels Pentium processor with MMX technology, allows you to work with the actual modules currently being developed for the real Space Station to construct your own station. It delivers a photo realistic, graphically rich and interactive rendering of the inside and the outside of the Space Station in an absorbing, total space experience.

This product is made in English, French, German, Russian, Italian languages.

Suitable for age 10 and over.
The ultimate beginners guide
to the science of astronomy

This disk is the first step towards a lifetime exploration of our universe. The disk is aimed at the novice user, and no prior knowledge of astronomy is assumed or required. 20 space simulations liked to the Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy, nine guided tours and amazing photo gallery provide the first time view of the mysteries of space.

This product is made in English, Italian, Persian, Arabic, German languages.

Suitable for age 10 and over.
Pilot your ship to the outer
boundaries of the Solar System.

The program based on the latest orbital theory and allows to simulate real interplanetary flight. You can plot your course in the Navigation room, conduct scientific experiments in the Mission room, learn from the past by running interactive debriefing of major interplanetary missions including the Apollo, Viking, Voyager and Galileo.

This product is made in English, German, French languages.

Suitable for age 10 and over.

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