Direct your own evolutionary path through mankind's family tree.

Standing barely 3 feet tall with long arms and short legs, she was built for strength, not speed. She could climb trees with ease, but she was one of the first to walk on two legs. She lived three million years ago. Anthropologist have nicknamed this skeleton Lucy. Now Lucy and all of mankind's ancestors from the past 70 million years come to life in Origins of Mankind , an interactive exploration of human evolution.

Suitable for age 10 and over.
Explore the unique and fascinating world of animal movement.

Illustrates the ways in which animals from ducks to dinosaurs climb, walk, jump, crawl, burrow, slither, fly and swim. To deepen the user's understanding and enjoyment of the animal world, this CD-ROM includes 16 interactive games to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of nature, as well as 11 guided tours and almost a thousand of photos, computer animation and video clips from the BBC Natural History film library.
This product is made in English, Italian, German languages.

Suitable for age 10 and over.
The programme offers a unique view of early human history.

The Atlas of the Ancient World features: 10 VR reconstructions of ancient buildings, animated maps covering spectacular events, interactive pictures in the style of the culture, a 'zoom and strip' function allowing to unveil successive layers of archaeological sites with multy-layer img, contemporary accounts of life and events from ancient text.

This product is made in English, German, French, Russian languages.

Suitable for age 10 and over.

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