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RedShift desktop planetarium CD-ROM, is the world's best selling astronomy title, it has sold over 1 000 000 copies. The original program and its four significant updates have received over 25 international multimedia awards including a Codie award in 1999.

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The World's leading brand of astronomy software, REDSHIFT™ 5 is a powerful and massive engine created over 12 years. Winner of many prestigious awards, the brand REDSHIFT ™ 5 continues to represent the very best in astronomy software. This new edition of REDSHIFT ™ offers a vast amount of information, new cutting edge functions and features ideal for aspiring astronomers and professional alike...

This product is made in English, French, German languages.

Suitable for age 10 and over.

RedShift 4 is the next version of Maris Multimedia's award-winning desktop planetarium software. RedShift 4 allows you to recreate a view of the night sky from anywhere in the Solar System from 4700BC to 9999AD.

Using the latest orbital theories, star catalogs and galaxy catalogs RedShift 4 delivers the universe onto your desktop at unprecedented levels of accuracy. RedShift 4 has been designed to make knowledge of the heavens available to the beginner, amateur and professional astronomer alike.

RedShift 4 contains many new and unique features to enhance your view of the universe...

This product is made in English, French, German, Russian languages.

Suitable for age 10 and over.

Visit distant galaxies, ride spectacular comets, and explore mysterious planets with RedShift 3, the ultimate desktop planetarium. Combining award-winning space simulator software with the latest data from the Hipparcos star-mapping satellite, RedShift 3 takes you on an unrivalled virtual space tour. Whether you're a novice or an expert, RedShift 3 grows with you - once the simple features are mastered, sophisticated controls are available to satisfy even the most advanced users.

This product is made in English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian languages.

Suitable for age 10 and over.

RedShift 2 is a major upgrade to the ultimate award winning desktop planetarium RedShift. RedShift 2 takes you on an amazing celestial exploration through the Universe. "Solar Hitchhiking" lets you hitch a ride on Halley's Comet. RedShift 2 has been designed to make astronomy accessible to the beginner while delivering the highest level of accuracy and breadth for the astronomy enthusiast. 

This product is made in English, French, German, Italian languages.             

Suitable for age 12 and over.
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