PC Format 1995
"a thoroughly absorbing piece of software"
"one massive but very well-orchestrated package"
"it's well worth having a look at"
"PC Format rating 75%"

Micro Mart - Charles Erb
"an excellent database of aircraft and their armaments"
"well designed main screen"
"the tactical demonstrations are very interesting"
"this is definitely a CD-Rom to get lost in"
"this is one of the CD-Roms which you get drawn into, and time seems to pass rather quickly!"
"the structure of the programme makes it easy to browse from topic to topic"
"there is a vast amount of information stored on this disc and it is presented in a clear and logical way"
"this disc uses the concept of multimedia very well"
"it's good value for money too"

Multimedia World (US)
"for military history buffs, this is a must-have title"

CD-ROM Today (US)
"WINGS is a distinguished series, one that should delight anyone interested in the subject"

The Mac January 1996 - Tom Gorham
"the impressive coverage extends to important post-war military events"
"few other reference CDs go to this length to keep the user engrossed in the subject"
"the most impressive area of WINGS is the cleverly designed database; in its appearance and ease of use it serves as a lesson to all those who aspire to making quality multimedia products"
"it's hard to think of any touch that's been left out or any question remaining unanswered"
"WINGS is an educational tool in itself"
"for those with the slightest interest in aircraft history in particular or world events in general, WINGS is recommended"

CD-Rom Online Review - Scott Garrigus
"the title of all titles when it comes to information about military aircraft"
"a most impressive multimedia aircraft database"
"like aircraft and aviation? Then buy this disc"

PILOT January 1996 - Tony French
"this is an awesome multimedia encyclopaedia of military aircraft and campaigns from 1945 to 1975 - superb value for money"
"it is beautifully easy to move around this CD-Rom"
"the text is sharp and the color bright"
"the databases are easily searched"
"cockpit definition is excellent"
"Maris Multimedia have maintained their excellent standard of presentation and given even more content"

Computer Game Review (US)
"this WINGS series has some of the finest animations you'll find in any multimedia product save RedShift 2. I just wish there were more and more...keep 'em coming"

PCG January 1996 - James Leach
"this superlative database is a documentary on disc"
"intuitive, clever, enjoyable and far more engrossing than a shelf of reference books, the WINGS series is soaring above every other database encyclopaedia around at the moment"

CD-ROM Today December 1995
"these people have researched until their noses bled"
"finding, searching and browsing is also a piece of cake, and the biggest risk is getting side-tracked for an hour when you stumble over some more fascinating stuff instead of looking up what you wanted"
"the Encarta of warplanes"
"4 and a half stars rating"

Strategy Plus (US)
"Maris, the people who have brought us probably the defining multimedia CD-ROM sacred objects of all time, RedShift2...are at it again. This time with WINGS - Midway to Hiroshima...part of series to cover all of flight"
"Maris knows how to put together a CD-ROM that sucks you in without ever letting you go once you've made the first few clicks"

PC Plus January 1996 - Matthew Richards
"a tour de force"
"you get a staggering range of weaponry data and some top class animation of tactics and modes of operation"
"it's stunning - Maris has produced superlative discs on aviation history"
"10 for content - 10 for presentation"

PC Entertainment (US) February 1996
"simply put...WINGS - Midway to Hiroshima is a must for WWII aviation buffs"

CD-ROM Today March 1996 - Matthew Richards
"the depth of information is truly impressive"
"if you have anything more than a vague curiosity in fighting aircraft, any of the WINGS discs will make a good investment"
"if you're more serious about military aviation history, this series is an essential purchase""superb"
"4.5 stars out of 5"

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