Origins of Mankind.

Origins of Mankind (backed by France's National Centre for Cinematography) allows you to come face-to face with your ancestors.

For age 12 and over - studies of eminent palaeontologists are presented in an exciting and accessible way.

Using detailed scientific data go back 70 million years to see how far we've evolved.

Travel through prehistoric landscapes, recreate your ancestors in 3D, explore evolutionary paths and use morphing techniques to recreate your own world.

Full motion video sequences, beautifully designed animations, music and commentary.

Endorsed exclusively by Yves Coppens - world expert on palaeontology who discovered "Lucy" in 1978.

Key features of Origins of Mankind:
Ancestors and Cousins - examine the skulls and skeletons of 18 different subjects and their ways of life.
Paths of Evolution -see the whole path of the evolution of Mankind from 70 million years ago to the present day.
Morphological Transformations - watch the physical transformation of humankind through time.Paleontological Discoveries - using a world map, access the main scientific discoveries.
The Discovery Game - with the knowledge gained can you identify a mysterious specimen?

Minimum system requirements:

PC Version:
486 or higher processor. Windows 3.1/3.11 and MS-DOS 3.3 or above. Double speed CD-ROM drive (Quad speed recommended). 256 color display (64k/16 bit color recommended). 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended). Adlib and Soundblaster compatible. Mouse.

Macintosh Version:
Performa, Centris and Quadra families. Double speed CD-ROM drive (Quad speed recommended). System 7.0 or above. 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended). "14" or larger color monitor.

PowerMac Version:
PowerMac 6100 with System 7.1.2 or above. Double speed CD-ROM drive (Quad speed recommended). 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended). "14" or larger color monitor

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