CD-Rom User (UK) January 1996
Tony Kaye
"RedShift 2 is an outstanding CD that takes the original, shakes it up and presents the information in a way that is not only clear and concise, but visually stunning and vastly entertaining"
"this is one programme that anyone even slightly interested in Astronomy should have in their collection - no, in their CD-Rom drive"
"the VR simulations are nothing short of spectacular"
"RedShift 2 is, quite simply, one of the best CD's I've ever seen!"
"drop what you're doing and run out to your local shop and buy it"
"overall 94% - quite simply superb. Our recommended award will be the first of many to land on this excellent product."

Computer Game Review (US) February 1996
"Maris has rocked the known universe again with the updated and enhanced RedShift 2. If it is in the sky, you can find it on this CD-ROM"
"you can't afford to miss RedShift 2. So good it feels almost like you could touch the sky"

CD-Rom Now (UK) December 1995
Darren Evans
"an ideal gift for parents with astronomically inquisitive children"
"great animation...RedShift 2 is packed with animation and features"
"essentially you get a little part of the Universe all to yourself"
"It's a treasure trove of detailed information which no budding astronomer should be without - overall 9 out of 10."

Mac Format (UK) December 1995
Gill Gillespie
"some things are made in a minute...others are monumental. Skyscrapers, Robbie Coltrane, RedShift 2"
"a colossus among multimedia excursions"
"Maris Multimedia have produced the most comprehensive spectacular and riveting astronomy programme ever"
"utterly definitive and as ambitious as the subject matter demands"
"Mac Format rating - 92%"

The Sunday Times (UK) December 1995
Steve Boxer
"this disc simply bursts with information"
"RedShift 2 is a worthwhile investment"

CD-Rom Today (UK) December 1995
Matthew Richards
"RedShift 2 gives you the power to go where you want to choose"
"buy RedShift 2. You'll be richly rewarded"
"a welcome extra are 15 guided tours..with clear, concise, friendly commentary"
"rating - 4 and a half stars."

The Economist November 1995
"does go beyond what films and books could offer"
"almost alone among discs"
"the disc strongly suggests that interactive CD-Roms have the potential for conveying scientific knowledge that most products on the market have not touched"

Innovations (UK) December 1995
Robert Uhlig
"a good introduction to the universe"
"the QuickTime videos and photos from NASA's collection..really bring this disc alive"
"for someone like myself who is interested in space but has little in-depth knowledge this is a superb introduction"
"there's enough to keep you in orbit for hours"

The Independent (UK) November 1995
"try the impressive RedShift 2 planetarium"

Mac Action (UK) January 1996
"sit in your cosy living room and let your Mac take you on a galactic tour"
"astro excitement"

Glasgow Herald (UK) December 1995
Joe Donnelly
"this CD-Rom astronomy package is fascinating, as well as being addictive"
"this is escapism at its best"

The Observer December 1995
Robin McKie
"on a more cerebral level"
"highly realistic solar system.."
"this is a CD with a difference"

The Independent (UK) December 1995
David Bowen
"impressively complete"
"if you want to spend hours getting your head around astronomy, it is the one for you"
"I found it utterly absorbing"
"this is the joy of the disc, you want to go on playing until you crack a problem"
"there are also plenty of spectacular still photographs"
"grab it for yourself"

PC Guide (UK) January 1996
Mike Goldsmith
"for the uninitiated RedShift 2 is a great buy. Both educational and entertaining.."
"..perfect for the aspiring astronomer, both young and old"
"verdict 4 out of 5"

Brave New World Christmas 1996
"the img are first class"

Mac Action (UK) February 1996
Ofir Gal
"it provides an incredible amount of astronomical information through detailed movies, pictures and text"
"has detailed, and pretty well exhaustive, information about the orbits and movement of the heavenly bodies it displays"
"sequences are quite incredible"
"another neat feature is the Space Flights"
"RedShift 2 is an extremely powerful tool and, while entertaining, is really ideal for some with an interest in astronomy"
"the price is reasonable for a product of this kind, it works well and is beautifully designed, making a rather complex subject a lot easier to understand"
"score 8 out of 10"

The News January 1996
Steve Fountain
"anyone interested in astronomy will be impressed by RedShift 2"

CD-ROM Magazine (UK) February 1996
Jim Smith
"a program that ultimately repays your investment of time and patience"
"Maris has added a handful of new ways to explore space in a more multi-media fashion"
"the multimedia guided tours are of high quality, full of useful information and well presented"
"if it's hard core astronomy you're after, this is definitely the disc for you"

Family PC (US) March 1996
"this is a five star program, we highly recommend RedShift 2, if you have an interest in the night sky this is the best CD-ROM available"

CD-ROM Today (US) March 1996
"a brilliant guide for serious stargazers"

Focus February 1996
Rob Patterson
"it is a very worthwhile purchase"
"it is a complex observatory inside your computer but much more"
"a series of short films...of very good quality covering everything from the origins of the universe to how the seasons work "
"why sit and blast yet another alien when you can hitch a ride on Shoemaker Levy 9..."
"the main bulk of the program is where the action is"
"there is a wealth of information at your fingertips, from maps of Mars to images of Io "
"out of this world "
"five stars "

CD-ROM Today (UK) February 1996
Matthew Richards
"wizardry it is "
"it's truly astonishing "

The Sentinel December 1995
Colin Dyter
"this stunning multimedia CD is the most powerful desktop simulation ever developed says the publisher and I can believe it"
"it has the right blend of edutainment "
"the most incredible journey"

Evening Post January 1996
"anyone interested in astronomy will be impressed by RedShift 2"

PC Home February 1996
Darren Evans
"RedShift 2 is an astronomy tool of epic proportions "
"extremely accurate and detailed...highly informative and downright fun to fool around with"
"its sexy interface makes it easy for the beginner to get to grips with and allows the more experienced user to quickly locate objects"

PC Format February 1996
"it is very much an astronomically good disc "
"silver rating 86%"

Yorkshire Evening Post February 1996
"out of this world "
"RedShift 2 sets a new standard in cosmic information "
"this is multimedia at its best "
"RedShift 2 is a definite buy"

The Mac (UK) February 1996
Steven Reid
"the Dog Star's testicles when it comes to space CD-ROMs "
"you'll like this CD "
"RedShift 2 will suit an interested amateur like myself, right up to the more serious Patrick Moore wannabes of this world "
"interactivity 4.5 out of 5, ease of use 3.5 out of 5, entertainment value 4.5 out of 5, overall 4 out of 5 "

Computer Life March 1996
Chris Lones
"the planetarium is staggering "
"visually splendid "
"it has all the information any nighthawk could want"
"anyone with a mere passing interest in astronomy could easily get side-tracked into monitor-gazing instead of stargazing "
"rating 5 out of 5"

Computer Buyer March 1996
Frank Kriwaczek
"700 beautiful photos "
"10 excellent narrated animations "
"RedShift 2 offers virtually everything the serious amateur astronomer could want "
"RedShift 2 is multimedia at its best "
"rating 5 out of 6"

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