Imagine a new REDSHIFT™ 5 experience, created with state-of-the-art technology and expanded functions to extend your view into space. Would you like to ride on a comet? Gaze at Jupiter as you orbit on one of its moons? Examine Mars' surface in detail? What about taking in the view of Earth from Venus? Maybe you long to see beyond our galaxy into deep space. REDSHIFT™ 5 contains everything that both the amateur and experienced astronomy enthusiast needs to explore the heavens.

Explore Space with REDSHIFT™ 5!
The complete Hipparcos and Tycho-2 Stellar Catalogs and the Hubble Guide Star Catalog, version 2.2.
View over 200 Deep Sky Objects from the Messier and Caldwell catalogs.
Updated catalog of 50,000 asteroids from the Bowel Database.
Newest high resolution maps of planets and moons.
Quick set-up of the sky view with newly integrated Open GL technologies.
Use the high precision Sky Diary to plan your night's observations.
Track thousands of satellites, asteroids and comets.

This Anniversary Edition of REDSHIFT™ 5 marks the culmination of 12 years of dedicated work by the world's foremost astronomy authorities.

New Features!

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All known moons of planets.
View orbits and physical parameters of dozens of moons, including the most recent discoveries.
(640x463, 52 Kb)
Macro-player of guided tours.
Launch REDSHIFT™ 5's Macroplayer to view guided tours of space.
(640x463, 51 Kb)
Tool: Add object image.
You can take any image of a Deep Sky object from an external source and put it to the right place on the sky in RedShift™ 5.
(640x463, 44 Kb)
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Import current data from Internet.
Just launch the automatic import master and search out any number of objects to enhance your copy of REDSHIFT™.
(640x463, 58 Kb)
Multi-window mode.
REDSHIFT™ has special tools to determine the time and date of both solar and lunar eclipses and other celectial events. Observe them in multi-windows made from different locations on Earth and in the sky.
(640x463, 59 Kb)
20,000,000+ celestial objects.
The REDSHIFT™5 contains a colossal number of celestial bodies: 20 million stars, the Milky Way, more then 70 thousand deep space objects, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and quasars.
(640x463, 52 Kb)
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New maps of planets and moons.
Newest maps of the Moon, Mars, Venus and some of Jovian moons are incorporated to RedShift™5. They are based on the best images of the bodies obtained by the latest space missions.
(640x463, 90 Kb)
Meteor shower visualisation.
Use REDSHIFT™ 5 to predict all meteor showers: vizualize the sky at the right time and direction to simulate meteor streams of light.
(640x463, 50 Kb)
Tool: Magnification.
Custom magnification of the planets and moons give the user images to create stunning astronomy posters.
(640x463, 63 Kb)
640x463,55 Kb 640x463,68 Kb 640x463,47 Kb
Solar eclipses paths on vector map of the Earth.
By using the eclipse maps calculated by RedShiftЩ 5 you can define the best place on the Earth to go for observing the next eclipse!
(640x463, 55 Kb)
Download and visualization of current Earth satellites.
Instant visualization of thousands of spacecraft from the International Space Station close to home to the Voyager probes speeding up to the back lands of the Solar System
(640x463, 68 Kb)
Exact numerical integration of celestial bodies' motion.
Numerical integration engine calculates exact motion of comets and asteroids with an account of all essential gravitating masses in the Solar System. You can even simulate the famous impact of Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet to Jupiter!
(640x463, 47 Kb)
640x463,17 Kb 640x463,58 Kb
Full screen mode.
Expand your view with the full screen mode.
(640x463, 17 Kb)
Night Vision mode.
Screen dimming/reddening feature useful for observers.
(640x463, 58 Kb)

Minimum system requirements:

PC Version:
Pentium® II 300 MHz or equivalent. Windows® 98 / Me / 2000 / XP. CD-ROM Speed: 12x or faster. 800x600 resolution. 16 bit color. 64 MB of RAM. 105 MB Hard Disk Space. Audio: Any 100% Windows® compatible soundcard. Printer: Optional. Internet: Required for product activation, upgrades, updates, plug-ins and downloads.

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