Space Station Simulator.

The International Space Station is the most ambitious international space project yet attempted. The USA, Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan are working together to build an orbital station capable of housing a 6 man crew and conduction complex scientific experiments.

Starting in November 1997 it will be assembled during over 50 mission to be complete in February 2002. But you do not have to wait that long. Space Station Simulator allows you to experience the thrill of living and working in space orbiting 200 miles above the Earth, now.

Using exactly the same modules currently under construction by the international Space Agencies, Space Station Simulator lets you design and construct you own Space Station. Experience Space Walking and see your station as it orbits the Earth.

Explore the virtual reality interiors of 10 habitable modules and find out how various devices work. Learn about launch site and launchers around the world.

Minimum system requirements:

PC Version:
Intel Pentium processor 90 MHz. Windows95®. Quad speed CD-ROM drive. 64k/16 bit color (thousands color). 16 MB of RAM. Windows compatible sound card. Mouse.

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