RedShift 4 is the next version of Maris Multimedia's award-winning desktop planetarium software. RedShift 4 allows you to recreate a view of the night sky from anywhere in the Solar System from 4700BC to 9999AD.

Using the latest orbital theories, star catalogs and galaxy catalogs RedShift 4 delivers the universe onto your desktop at unprecedented levels of accuracy. RedShift 4 has been designed to make knowledge of the heavens available to the beginner, amateur and professional astronomer alike.

RedShift 4 contains many new and unique features to enhance your view of the universe...

This product is made in English, French, German, Russian languages.

Tycho-2 star catalog alongside the Hipparcos catalog giving precise astrometric measurements on 2.5 million stars down to 11th magnitude.
4M catalog and the Hubble Guide Star Catalog covering a further 15.5 million stars down to 20th magnitude.
New General Catalog of Variable Stars and the Washington Double Star Catalog to provide further information on stellar systems.
Principal Galaxies Catalog containing details on over 70,000 galaxies.
RedShift 4 uses multiple windows allowing you to simultaneously view events from multiple locations.
The latest algorithms for plotting the positions of planets and moons in the Solar System giving positional accuracy of the planets to less than 1 arc second for at least 2000 years into the past or future.
The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database giving the positions of 15,000 asteroids.
The 13th edition of the Catalog of Cometary Orbits containing over 1,700 comets.
Updated !
Jacqueline Mitton's Dictionary of Astronomy.
Photo Gallery.
Interface design giving you greater control over how you view the universe.
Sky Diary allowing you to plan your observations.
Plus!   many features from the award winning RedShift 3:
Detailed, annotated, surface maps of Earth, Mars, Venus and the Moon.
Surface maps for other moons and planets.
Internet links allowing you to download the latest program updates and new discoveries.
A series of animated lectures on astronomy.
Movie recorder allowing you to record your view of the heavens.

Minimum system requirements:

PC Version Only:
Pentium processor 200 MHz or equivalent. Windows®95, 98, 2000. Quad speed CD-ROM drive. 800x600 resolution. 64k/16 bit color. 2MB Video RAM. 64 MB of RAM. Internet connection required for Internet features. 80MB Hard Disk Space.

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