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Expedition 11 Safely Returns From International Space Station
After traveling 75 million miles during six months on the international space station, Expedition 11 Commander Sergei Krikalev and Flight Engineer John Phillips safely returned to Earth today [Oct. 10] - NASA
China Makes Second Manned Space Shot
China has launched its second manned space mission, securing its position as the world's third space power - Nature
Evidence For More Dust Than Ice In Comets
Observations of Comet 9P/Tempel 1 made by ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft after the Deep Impact collision suggest that comets are ‘icy dirtballs’, rather than ‘dirty snowballs’ as previously believed - ESA
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NASA Discovers Life's Building Blocks Are Common In Space
A team of NASA exobiology researchers revealed today [Oct. 11] organic chemicals that play a crucial role in the chemistry of life are common in space - NASA
Hayabusa Closes In On Asteroid Itokawa
The Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa has eased to within 7 kilometers of asteroid 25143 Itokawa, setting the stage for a "grab and go" sampling effort next month - Sky and Telescope
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Mars Had Strong Early Magnetism
Ancient Mars was more magnetized — and possibly more active — than scientists thought, a finding that adds an earthlike dimension to the planet's earliest days - Astronomy
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Massive Stars Can Grow Near Black Holes
For the first time, astronomers have shown that large stars can form close to a supermassive black hole, such as the one at the centre of the Milky Way - New Scientist
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Draco's October Surprise
This year's Draconids, a shower that usually goes unnoticed, produced an unexpected meteor outburst October 8 - Astronomy
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ESA Considers Rebuilding Lost CryoSat Satellite
The European Space Agency is considering rebuilding its lost CryoSat satellite, which crashed into the Arctic Ocean on Saturday [Oct. 8] after the failure of its launch vehicle - New Scientist
Building A Better Rocket Engine
Engineers have found a way to boost the performance of liquid fueled rockets. Their secret: innovative plumbing - Science @ NASA
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