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Physics: Superclusters of Galaxies
Brief introduction to properties of galaxy clusters and superclusters with examples and images. Links to related resources.
Clusters and superclusters of galaxies
Clusters and superclusters of galaxies - complete article from "Formation of structure in the universe".
Superclusters of Galaxies page at the University of Tennessee
Properties of the Local Supercluster. Motion within the Local Supercluster.
Astronomers Map Out Largest Structure in Distant Universe
NASA GSFC press release.
Clusters of Galaxies
An introduction to properties of clusters of galaxies and superclusters at the Astronomy Notes website by Nick Strobel.
Large Scale Structure in the Universe
Brief information on the nearest galaxies, the Local Group and the Local Supercluster in online astronomy course at Cornell University.
Introduction to superclusters of galaxies. Their basic structure, evolution, density fluctuations. A Review of the Universe website - Structures, Evolutions, Observations, and Theories.
Astronomy Answers: Universe Family Tree: Supercluster
A brief description of superclusters by Dr. Louis Strous.
Information on superclusters of galaxies by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Coma Cluster / Supercluster
An article about the Coma Supercluster from the Sol Company's website.
A Question of Scale: Quarks to Quasars
This website presents the universe in powers of 10. From the smallest particles within the nucleus of an atom to the expanse of the visible universe and beyond, a unique sequence of images displays the relative sizes of objects in our universe.
Large Scale Structure of the Universe
Images of the Virgo cluster and some nearby superclusters at Brent Tully's website.
Superclusters, Observed Properties
An essay from the Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclopedia by Anthony P. Fairall.
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