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Spirit Gets High On Mars
Nothing is more satisfying after a climb than a hard-earned view from the top — Spirit has finally reached the summit of Husband Hill - Sky and Telescope
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Earth Spins Faster Inside Than Out
Scientists have shown Earth's core spins faster than its surface, proving a long-suspected notion that our planet's interior rotates more like a fluid than a solid - Astronomy
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Space Radiation May Select Amino Acids For Life
Space radiation preferentially destroys specific forms of amino acids, the most realistic laboratory simulation to date has found - New Scientist
Supernova's Colliding Winds
Astronomers using the Chandra X-ray Observatory report the predicted brightening of SN 1987A's ring has begun. They observed a ring of hot gas glowing in X rays at the same location as the ultraviolet ring and optical hotspots imaged previously by the Hubble Space Telescope - Astronomy
Earth's Final Destiny
In the constellation of Pisces, some 100 million light-years from Earth, two galaxies are seen to collide - providing an eerie insight into the ultimate fate of our own planet when the Milky Way fatally merges with our neighbouring galaxy of Andromeda - Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
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Hubble Scans For Moon Base Locations
Planetary scientists are using the Hubble Space Telescope to scout out sites for potential human bases on the Moon - New Scientist
Amateurs Help Astronomers Unravel A Propeller Star
Amateur astronomers are being asked to help a constellation of observatories unravel the mysteries of a puzzling binary star system - American Association of Variable Star Observers
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Cost Cuts Likely To Dim Space Telescope’s Vision
The vision of the James Webb Space Telescope, the future successor to Hubble, should be dimmed to cut cost overruns, say the astronomers forming the telescope's Science Assessment Team - New Scientist
Russian Clipper Ship Draws European Interest
Europe is eying Russia’s proposed crew-carrying Clipper spaceship, not only for use in International Space Station operations, but also to carve out their role in future Moon, Mars and beyond exploration -
Japanese Satellites Launched Atop Converted Missile
A Russian rocket formerly tipped with nuclear warheads blasted out of its missile silo shrouded in smoke and fire overnight Tuesday [Aug. 23] bound for space with a pair of Japanese technology demonstration satellites - Spaceflight Now, JAXA
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