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New Station Crew Docks With Space Station
The Soyuz spacecraft with the 12th international space station crew, Commander William McArthur and Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev, docked with the orbiting laboratory at 1:27 a.m. EDT Monday [Oct. 3] - NASA
A Moon For The "10th Planet"
The largest Kuiper Belt object in the solar system, 2003 UB313, isn't wandering through space alone. It has a moon - Sky and Telescope
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Spitzer And Hubble Team Up To Find "Big Baby" Galaxies In The Newborn Universe
Astronomers have used the penetrating power of two of NASA's Great Observatories, the Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes, to identify one of the farthest and most massive galaxies that once inhabited the early universe - Space Telescope Science Institute
Cassini Flyby Of Hyperion Reveals Tortured World
The dark, misshapen moon of Saturn is riven by craters and girdled by a giant cliff face tens of kilometres high - New Scientist
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ESA Selects Targets For Asteroid-Deflecting Mission Don Quijote
Based on the recommendations of asteroid experts, ESA has selected two target asteroids for its Near-Earth Object deflecting mission, Don Quijote - ESA
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Cassini Spots Huge “Spear” On Saturn Moon
The spacecraft imaged the 50-kilometre-long feature after its navigation team worked out a way to fly closer to Tethys - New Scientist
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NASA Takes Giant Step Toward Finding Earth-Like Planets
Are we alone in the universe? Are there planets like Earth around other "suns" that might harbor life? Thanks to a recent technology breakthrough on a key NASA planet-finding project, the dream of answering those questions is no longer light-years away - NASA/JPL
Bill Calls For NASA To Complete Space Station
The US Senate wants the agency to finish the orbital outpost, despite the stated reservations of NASA's chief and the problems with the shuttle fleet - New Scientist
SMART-1 Set For More Lunar Science
ESA’s SMART-1 mission in orbit around the Moon has had its scientific lifetime extended by ingenious use of its solar-electric propulsion system (or ‘ion engine’) - ESA
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Cosmic Expansion Is Not To Blame For Expanding Waistlines
A physicist has worked out why some objects are stretched by cosmological expansion while others are not - New Scientist
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