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New "Planet" Is Larger Than Pluto
Claims that the Solar System has a tenth planet are bolstered by the finding by a group lead by Bonn astrophysicists that this alleged planet, announced last summer and tentatively named 2003 UB313, is bigger than Pluto - Max Planck Society
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Stardust Jan. 30 Status Report: Spacecraft Placed Into Hibernation
NASA's Stardust spacecraft was placed into hibernation mode yesterday [Jan. 29]. Stardust successfully returned to Earth samples of a comet via its sample return capsule on Jan. 15. The spacecraft has logged almost seven years of flight - NASA
Deep Impact Mission Reveals Comet's Icy Cargo
Water ice is present on the surface of Comet Tempel 1, but mostly held within – it is the first direct detection of exposed water ice on a comet - New Scientist
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Kuiper Belt Look-Alikes
The Hubble Space Telescope has viewed two extrasolar disks that bear a resemblance to our solar system's Kuiper Belt - Astronomy
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Stellar 'Partner Swaps' Yield Cosmic Explosions
Some short gamma-ray bursts may be unleashed when ancient stars swap partners and merge rather than merging with their stellar siblings - New Scientist
Binary Asteroid In Jupiter's Orbit May Be Icy Comet From Solar System's Infancy
A bound pair of icy comets similar to the dirty snowballs circling outside the orbit of Neptune has been found lurking in the shadow of Jupiter - UC Berkeley
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Going Deep In Virgo
A long Hubble Space Telescope observation of the Virgo Cluster is telling astronomers that the space between galaxies is not entirely empty - Sky and Telescope
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Is Cosmic Acceleration Changing?
A new analysis shows that dark energy, the engine driving the universe's speeding expansion, may be changing fast. Cosmologists aren't buying it — yet - Astronomy
Andromeda's New Satellite Galaxy Is Faintest Yet
The new discovery suggests other dim galaxies remain undetected, and may help solve a mystery known as the "missing satellite" problem - New Scientist
A Satellite In Limbo
The spacecraft that gave scientists their first view of the magnetic field around Earth has fallen silent - Astronomy
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