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Soyuz Makes 'Bull's Eye' Landing
Russia's Soyuz capsule with three crewmen from the International Space Station has landed in Kazakhstan - BBC NEWS
Mars Rover On Express Route To Distant Hills
NASA's Spirit rover completed Wednesday its longest drive yet on Mars while traveling the "express route" to a cluster of hills that scientists hope the robot will reach by mid-June -
Mars Express Radar Deployment Delayed
The MARSIS team has advised ESA to delay the deployment of the MARSIS radar instrument on board Mars Express, scheduled for this week - Universe Today
New Mineral From The Moon Discovered
A chunk of the moon that landed on Earth as a meteorite contains a new mineral, which scientists have named after a researcher who years ago predicted the unusual process that formed the material -
NASA's Gravity Probe In Its Science Mission Orbit
In its first week on orbit, Gravity Probe B has achieved many successes that will ensure a smooth transition into the science phase of the mission and the best possible experimental accuracy - Spaceflight Now
Saturn Spacecraft Gets An Eyeful
The Cassini-Huygens mission continues to return tremendous images of Saturn - BBC NEWS
Strange Shadows: Saturn's Two-Faced Moon
Clear as black and white, Saturn's moon Iapetus is two-faced. New radar observations hint at what's going on, but the mystery is far from solved -
Our Sun Is Anything But Boring
The light from the Sun seems regular and steady, but research from the University of Southern California paints a different portrait of a dynamic and chaotic star that experiences a range of events - Universe Today
Scientists Announce Cosmic Ray Theory Breakthrough
University of California scientists working at Los Alamos National Laboratory have proposed a new theory to explain the movement of vast energy fields in giant radio galaxies - SpaceDaily
Sea Launch Prepares For DIRECTV Launch
The Sea Launch Odyssey launch platform and Commander ship arrived at the equator on Thursday to make preparations to launch the DIRECTV 7S satellite - Universe Today
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