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Discovery Begins Journey Back To Earth
Discovery departed from her orbiting companion, the International Space Station, at 0324 EDT (0724 GMT) on Saturday [Aug. 6], wrapping up over nine busy days of docked time - New Scientist
NASA's Spitzer Finds Hidden, Hungry Black Holes
Most of the biggest black holes in the universe have been eating cosmic meals behind closed doors – until now - NASA/JPL
A Solar Twin In Serpens?
A dim yellow star in the constellation Serpens may be nearly identical to the Sun, say astronomers in South Carolina and Hawaii. The star could, therefore, host a life-bearing planet like Earth - Astronomy
Cassini Flies By Saturn's Tortured Moon Mimas
On its recent close flyby of Mimas, the Cassini spacecraft found the Saturnian moon looking battered and bruised, with a surface that may be the most heavily cratered in the Saturn system - NASA/JPL
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Titan May Be As Dry As A Bone
Saturn's moon Titan is as dry as a bone over most of its surface, suggest new infrared images from Earth - New Scientist
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New Cassini Images Show "Northern Lights" Of Saturn
New images of Saturn obtained by a University of Colorado at Boulder-led team on June 21 using an instrument on the Cassini spacecraft show auroral emissions at its poles similar to Earth's Northern Lights - University of Colorado at Boulder
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Moon Soils Store Earth's Early Breath
The Moon's soil preserves gases from the ancient Earth's atmosphere, say scientists who have studied results from the Apollo missions - Nature
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Methane On Mars: The Plot Thickens
Methane on Mars may be produced at rates 3000 times higher than previously thought and partially destroyed by dust storms, controversial new research suggests - New Scientist
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Mars Express Radar Collects First Surface Data
MARSIS, the sounding radar on board ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft, is collecting the first data about the surface and the ionosphere of Mars - ESA
NASA Spacecraft Completes Successful Earth Swingby
NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft, headed toward the first study of Mercury from orbit, swung by Earth today [Aug. 2] for a gravity assist that propelled it deeper into the inner solar system - NASA
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