Solar System Explorer.

Out now! Solar System Explorer lets you simulate real interplanetary flight!

A unique scientifically accurate space mission simulator - a futuristic, realistic, first-hand experience of space!

Plot your course in the Navigation Room.

Plan pioneering missions or recreate famous past voyages.

Look up data relevant to your mission in the Library and the Museum and then head for the Bridge and prepare to leave Earth's orbit.

When you reach your destination, choose your ship's orbit and then descend to the Probe Room and deploy a probe to discover more about the planet's atmosphere and landscape.

Key features of Solar System Explorer:
Scientifically accurate interactive mission simulator.
Ability to manually adjust the ship's orbit.
Ability to launch probes to explore mission's destination.
360 degree panoramas of planet surfaces.
Breathtaking real-time rendered views of planets.
Planetology surveys featuring video and 3D animation.
Interactive debriefing on historic space missions including Apollo, Viking, Voyager and Galileo.
Surface maps of Mars, Earth, Moon and Venus.
Direct Internet connection to Maris' on-line space and astronomy resources.

Minimum system requirements:

PC Version:
486 or higher processor. Windows® 3.1/3.11 and MS-DOS® 3.3 or above. Double speed CD-ROM drive (Quad speed recommended). 256 color display (64k/16 bit color recommended). 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended). Windows compatible sound card. Mouse.

Macintosh Version:
Performa, Centris and Quadra families. Double speed CD-ROM drive (Quad speed recommended). System 7.1 or above. 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended). "14" or larger color monitor.

PowerMac Version:
PowerMac 6100 with System 7.1.2 or above. Double speed CD-ROM drive (Quad speed recommended). 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended). "14" or larger color monitor.

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