The Sunday Times - Max Glaskin
"Since Maris mapped the known universe in three dimensions with RedShift, it has been adding more exciting interfaces and modules to make on-screen space travel a pleasure. Solar System Explorer is based on hard facts and detailed work. This give it authority and adds to the drama. Knowing that you are seeing accurate representations of our corner of the galaxy on your humble computer is a pleasure. "

Daily Telegraph - Steve Boxer
"Here is a top-notch astronomy CD-ROM based on Maris powerful space simulation engine, as seen in the night sky simulator RedShift. There is a wealth of animated and digital video information about the solar system, and it is rigorous enough to satisfy even keen astronomers. "

The Guardian - John Gribbin
"The CD contains an enormous amount of information about the planets and can reproduce historic space-probe missions. The close up views of the planets and moons in the Solar System are spectacular. "

Astronomy Now - Pam Spence
"This is a most enjoyable, fun and informative interactive package. It is recommended for all frustrated Earthbound space explorers of any age. "

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