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Comets visited (to be visited) by space probes
the targets of space missions
Some remarkable comets
selected comets
Comet Introduction
Introductory information about comets by "Views of the Solar System" including images of the most interesting of them.
Comets information by Royal Observatory Greenwich including details of the structure.
Some facts structure, orbits. Images. Links.
StarDate Online | Solar System Guide | Comets
Some facts about formation, history of studying.
What Are Comets?
Short description of the theory of comet formation. Comets habitation. Changing of appearance when a comet aproaches the sun.
Ancient Relics of the Solar System
What are Comets and Where do They Come From? What are Comets Made of? Comets and the Origins of the Solar System. Comet and the Origin of Life on Earth.
Some facts. Images. Animations.
Comet and NEO/Distant Minor Planet Designations Assigned in the Past Year
The 12-character designation to be used when reporting astrometric observations.
Periodic Comets
Links with information of periodic comets (orbital period less than 200 years).
SSE: Planets: Comets: Overview
Brief description of properties of comets and their composition.
Astronomical Headlines: Comets
Recent Comet Discoveries list by the International Astronomical Union.
British Astronomical Association Comet Section
Information about current comets and meteor showers.
Sky and Telescope's Comet Page
Sky and Telescope magazine's online comet section.
Sebastian's comet hunt
Homepage of Sebastian F. Hönig dedicated to cometary science and comet hunting.
Comet Home
Dr. David Jewitt studies comets properties at the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii. His web site provides a detailed overview of the comets structure and origin.
Secrets of High-Power Comet Observing - Here's what to look for before going to the eyepiece
An article by Sky and Telescope.
VdS-Fachgruppe Kometen
Comets information and news by Maik Meyer.
Snowballs from the solar system's edge create one of grandest spectacles visible to the naked eye
An introductory article about comets by the Astronomy Magazine.
An introduction to comets at the Astronomy Notes website by Nick Strobel.
The Comet's Tale
An educational material - a series of sections on the origin, characteristics, and history of comets, with accompanying animations. Prepared by Science Education Gateway group of scientists at UC Berkeley.
Comets images
Images of various comets made using the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes in Spain.
HubbleSite - News Releases about comets
Hubble Space Telescope news releases related to comets including images made by HST.
Comets of the Solar System
Articles about comets and their exploration by Space Today Online.
Brief description of comet research at Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics. The page includes some information about comet tail disconnection and links to corresponding video clips.
News stories about comets published by Universe Today.
"Small Comets and Our Origins: The Ecstasy and Agony of the Scientific Debate"
Louis A. Frank's 1999 Presidential Lecture available at the University of Iowa website.
An introduction to comets from the Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight by David Darling.
Comet images provided at the web site of "The Astronomer magazine".
Astronomy Lecture Notes - Comets
A brief introduction to comets with examples and images at the website of the University of Mississippi.
Comets: Photos by NAOJ PR Office
Images of comets from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan image gallery.
Comets physical parameters and orbital data from NASA JPL Solar System Dynamics website.
Comet Pictures - Spacewatch project
Spacewatch has observed and discovered many comets since our early observing programs first started in 1984.
Astrobiology Magazine :: Hot Topics - Meteors & Comets
Articles on meteors and comets research from the Astrobiology Magazine.
New comet class in Earth's backyard - Astronomy Magazine article
Three objects in the asteroid belt constitute a new class of comets, say astronomers.
Astrobiology Art: Meteors, Asteroids and Comets
Meteors, asteroids and comets image gallery by Astrobiology Magazine.
Comets description from the Astronomy Knowledge Base
Comet parameters, properties and examples. All About Comets
Comet stories, multimedia and news.
Mysteries of Comets and the Solar System revealed by the Deep Impact mission
An article by Seiji SUGITA at the website of Japan's Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.
Comets Through Time: Myths and Mystery
A multimedia presentation at the website.
Mariner Meteor Mystery, Solved? - Science@NASA article
In 1967, NASA's Mariner 4 spacecraft was hit by a surprising flurry of meteoroids--a shower more intense than any Leonid meteor storm. Where did the meteoroids come from? It's been a mystery for 40 years.
Glossary of (comet and) astronomical terms
Provided by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
How I Found My New Comet - a Skytonight article
The prolific comet hunter recalls the story of his latest find.
The Cometwatch Program
Comet images provided by Tim Puckett's Puckett Observatory.
An article on asteroids (minor planets) by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Comets - Information and Observations
Recommendations for amateur comet observers.
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