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Radar Image Shows Titan's Surface Live And In Color
Saturn's moon Titan shows a sharp contrast between its smooth and rough edges in a new false-color radar image. Titan's surface lies beneath a thick coat of hazy clouds, but Cassini's radar instrument can peer through to show finer surface features - NASA/JPL
Hubble Snaps A Shadow-Spotted Jupiter
Jupiter's cloud belts are always filled with spots, streaks, and swirls, but this image shows five spots of another kind - Sky and Telescope
Second Black Hole At The Heart Of The Milky Way
A French/US team of astronomers have discovered a second black hole is lurking at the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, completely separate from the supermassive black hole that we've known about for years - Universe Today
Spirit Adds Clues About History Of Rocks In Martian Hills
All the scientific tools on NASA's two Mars Exploration Rovers are still working well, a full 10 months after Spirit's dramatic landing - NASA/JPL
Prometheus Caught Stealing From Saturn's Rings
In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the Gods. Now, Saturn’s tiny moon Prometheus is showing similar tendencies, repeatedly stealing material from planet’s rings, according to new images taken by the Cassini probe - New Scientist
Possible Origin Of Cosmic Rays Revealed With Gamma Rays
A team of UK astronomers working with international partners has produced the first ever image of an astronomical object using high energy gamma rays, helping to solve a 100 year old mystery - the origin of cosmic rays - Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
Refining The Universe's Size
Astronomers have measured the sizes of seven stars, and how they did it may help them pin down the distance scale in extragalactic space - Astronomy
Europe Reaches The Moon
During the night of 15 to 16 November, ESA’s SMART-1 will reach the first of its closest approaches to the Moon after a 13-month journey - ESA
Measuring Cosmic Distances With Stellar Heart Beats
Taking advantage of the very high spatial resolution provided by the Very Large Telescope Interferometer, a team of French and Swiss astronomers has measured directly the change in angular diameter of four southern Cepheid variable stars over their pulsation cycle - European Southern Observatory
The First Stone For Vega At Europe's Spaceport
The construction site for the ground segment of Vega, the small European launcher, was opened at Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana last month - ESA
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