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Hayabusa Hits Paydirt
After several close calls that threatened to end the mission, a Japanese craft has landed on an asteroid and grabbed a sample of its surface - Sky and Telescope
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Supernovae Back Einstein's "Blunder"
When Albert Einstein was working on his equations for the theory of general relativity, he threw in a cosmological constant to bring the universe into harmonious equilibrium. But subsequent observations by Edwin Hubble proved that the universe was not static - Scientific American
A Cold Surprise
Ultra-cool white dwarfs, or white dwarfs with surface temperatures below 4,000 kelvins, are a rare breed. Only seven of these peculiar stars were known to exist, until now. Christian Wolf of the University of Oxford serendipitously discovered an eighth specimen - Astronomy
Dwarfs Found In Colliding Galaxies' Wake
The Spitzer Space Telescope’s exquisite sensitivity at infrared wavelengths reveals the small, faint galaxies that spring up during galactic smash-ups - New Scientist
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Earth-Moon Observations From Venus Express
A recent check of the VIRTIS imaging spectrometer during the Venus Express commissioning phase has allowed its first remote-sensing data to be acquired, using Earth and the Moon as a reference - ESA
Shedding Star Offers Preview Of Sun’s Death
A star caught in the act of shedding delicate concentric shells of gas as it metamorphoses into a white dwarf provides a glimpse of the fate that awaits our own Sun, several billion years from now - New Scientist
Spirit Marks One Year On Mars (One Martian Year, That Is)
Spirit, the untiring robotic "wonder child" sent by NASA to explore the eerily earthlike fourth planet from the sun, has completed one martian year--that's almost two Earth years--on Mars - NASA
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Magnetic Field Detected In Young Star’s Dusty Disc
Astronomers have detected the magnetic fields surrounding a young star for the first time, confirming models of how such stars grow - New Scientist
Mesmerized By Moondust
Using laser beams and electric fields, NASA researchers are catching individual grains of moondust and studying the curious way they behave - Science @ NASA
Nine Cracks Found In Shuttle Tank’s Insulation
NASA finds hairline fractures in the foam of the external tank scheduled for the next blast-off – foam fell from the same place during the last mission - New Scientist
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