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Spirit's 'Pot Of Gold' Perplexes Researchers
NASA's Spirit rover has found a Martian rock unlike anything researchers have seen before - on Mars or Earth - but they hope it may finally hint at a watery past of the Gusev crater landing site -
Mars Rover May Brave 'Black Diamond' Slope
Most skiers are familiar with the slope of an expert, or black diamond, trail - about 30 degrees, on average. But that isn't stopping engineers who designed the Mars rover from considering sending the rover Opportunity down one even steeper -
SpaceShipOne Rockets Into History
A privately-built rocket plane soared into space today, boosting a 63-year-old test pilot on a thrilling, at times scary ride out of Earth's discernible atmosphere and into history as the first non government-sponsored astronaut - Spaceflight Now
Faulty Switch, Not Leak Believed To Have Led To Scrubbed Spacewalk
A faulty injector switch, rather than a leak, is suspected as the cause of a spacesuit problem that forced the International Space Station crew to hurry back to safety Thursday night just minutes after climbing out the hatch -
Phoebe Moon Likely Born In Outer Solar System
NASA unveiled a spectacular high-resolution mosaic of Saturn's enigmatic moon Phoebe today, along with other data from the Saturn-bound Cassini probe showing the moon formed in the extreme outer solar system and later was captured by the ringed planet's gravity - Spaceflight Now
Cassini's First View Of Iapetus
Cassini has turned to look at another of Saturn's moons; this time it's Iapetus. This image was taken on May 23, 2004, when Cassini was 20.2 million kilometres (12.5 million miles) from Iapetus - Universe Today
Link Found Between Earth's Oceans And Jupiter's Bands
Scientists have discovered a striking similarity between certain ocean currents on Earth and the bands that characterize the surface of large, gaseous planets like Jupiter - Spaceflight Now
Official Denies Space Tourist Was Rejected By Russians
A spokesman for the company arranging aspiring U.S. space tourist Gregory Olsen's ride on a Russian spacecraft on Wednesday denied reports that the trip was off because of Olsen's health problems -
Mission's Path To New Astronomy
The contract has been signed that will lead to the building of one of the most ambitious space missions ever flown - BBC NEWS
Elevator To The Stars
President Bush wants to return to the moon and put a man on Mars. But scientist Bradley C. Edwards has an idea that's really out of this world: an elevator that climbs 62,000 miles into space -
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