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Expedition 9 Completes Third Spacewalk
Astronaut Mike Fincke and Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka spent 4.5 hours outside the International Space Station on Tuesday, preparing for the arrival of the European Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), which will start delivering cargo to the station next year - Universe Today
Glitches Hit Nasa's Mars Rovers
Glitches have hit both of the US space agency's Mars robotic rovers, prompting speculation that they may be suffering the effects of wear and tear - BBC NEWS
Cassini Spies New Saturn Radiation Belt
The Cassini spacecraft discovered a new radiation belt around Saturn and found that lightning in the ringed planet's atmosphere occurs differently now than it did during visits by NASA's Voyagers in the early 1980s, scientists said -
Red Planet Had 'Recent' Volcanism
Mars appears to have been volcanically active more recently than previously supposed, according to growing evidence from Europe's Mars Express orbiter - BBC NEWS
New Differences Between Matter And Antimatter
Particle physicists believe they have uncovered the reason why our Universe favours matter, instead of being made up of equal parts matter and antimatter - Universe Today
Solar System Could Be 'Unique'
The Solar System could be unique amongst planetary systems in the Universe, astronomers have announced - BBC NEWS
NASA Launches Satellite Toward Mercury
NASA launched a messenger to Mercury on Tuesday, the first spacecraft in 30 years to head to the sun's closest planet -
Weak Version Of Most Powerful Explosions Found
Gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful events in the universe, temporary outshining several galaxies and likely signaling the birth of a black hole. But astronomers have been puzzled by one burst, noted in 1998, that was comparatively dim -
Dwarf Galaxies Have Been Through A Lot
Astronomers used to believe that dwarf irregular galaxies were leftover building blocks from the beginning of the Universe which somehow avoided getting gobbled up by larger galaxies - Universe Today
Hubble Trouble: One Of Four Instruments Stops Working
One of the four astronomical instruments on the Hubble Space Telescope shut down earlier this week and engineers are trying to pin down the problem. The other three instruments continue to operate normally -
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