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'New Planet' Forces Rethink
Astronomers are to rethink the system for classifying planets following the discovery of what some claim is the 10th in the Solar System - BBC NEWS
Mars Rovers To Embark On Final Mission
With their primary goal of finding signs of water on Mars achieved, NASA's twin robot-geologists soon will make tracks across the Red Planet's barren surface until their batteries run out, NASA officials said on Thursday -
Space Rock Makes Closest Flyby
Astronomers have watched a small object make the closest approach to the Earth of any space rock yet observed - BBC NEWS
Mineral In Mars 'Berries' Adds To Water Story
A major ingredient in small mineral spheres analyzed by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity furthers understanding of past water at Opportunity's landing site and points to a way of determining whether the vast plains surrounding the site also have a wet history - Spaceflight Now
Mars Express Finds South Pole Water Ice
The ESA's Mars Express has confirmed that water ice exists at Mars' southern pole - Universe Today
New Imagery Of Comet Released From Stardust
On January 2, 2004, NASA's Stardust spacecraft successfully survived flying through the coma (dust and gas cloud) surrounding comet 81P/Wild 2, captured thousands of fresh cometary dust particles released from the surface just hours before, and is now on its way home for Earth return set for January 2006 - Spaceflight Now
China Prepares For Second Piloted Space Mission
China is moving forward on readying its second piloted space mission, targeted for liftoff in June or July of 2005 -
Satellite Solves 30-year Gamma-Ray Mystery
ESA's Integral gamma-ray observatory has resolved the diffuse glow of gamma rays in the centre of our Galaxy and has shown that most of it is produced by a hundred individual sources - Spaceflight Now
Russia Designers Work On New Spacecraft
Russian designers are working on a replacement for the veteran Soyuz spacecraft, the mainstay of the nation's space program since the 1960s, officials said Friday -
Astronauts Who Fixed Hubble Fight To Save It
They risked their lives for the Hubble Space Telescope and did so gladly -
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