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Cassini Successfully Arrives At Saturn
NASA's $3.3 billion Cassini probe completed a seven-year, 2.2-billion mile voyage tonight, firing its main engine for a nerve-wracking 96 minutes to successfully brake into orbit around the ringed planet Saturn - Spaceflight Now
Cassini Provides New Views Of Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon
The Cassini spacecraft has revealed surface details of Saturn's moon Titan and imaged a huge cloud of gas surrounding the planet-sized moon - SpaceDaily
Sea Launch Rocket Fails To Put Satellite In Correct Orbit
An Asian telecommunications spacecraft was deployed in the wrong orbit by its sea-launched rocket early Tuesday, but the satellite's maker is confident that the altitude shortfall can be overcome without jeopardizing the mission - Spaceflight Now
ISS Crew Successfully Completes Spacewalk At Second Attempt
Gennady Padalka returned to the International Space Station early Thursday after a successful second attempt at a spacewalk, Russian mission control said - SpaceDaily
Hubble Discovers 100 New Planets
The Hubble Space Telescope may have discovered as many as 100 new planets orbiting stars in our galaxy - BBC NEWS
This Star Just Shut Down
Astronomers have found a white dwarf star which has shut down its fusion reactor very recently - perhaps only 100 years ago - Universe Today
Seeing Double: Spitzer Captures Our Galaxy's Twin
What would our Milky Way galaxy look like if we could travel outside it and snap a picture? It might look a lot like a new image by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope of a spiral galaxy called NGC 7331 - a virtual twin of our Milky Way - Spaceflight Now
Asteroids Make Tau Ceti Lethal
Astronomers have found that a nearby star, Tau Ceti, is surrounded by 10 times as many asteroids and comets as our own Solar System - Universe Today
SpaceShipOne Took 'Trajectory Excursion'
Flight data from the first private vehicle to soar beyond the Earth's atmosphere has been posted by Scaled Composites, designer and builder of the SpaceShipOne. The flight was not trouble-free -
A Connection Between Dark Energy And Dark Matter?
The concepts of Dark Matter (hidden mass that surrounds all galaxies) and Dark Energy (an accelerating force on the Universe) are still largely mysteries; astronomers have detected them, but they have no conclusive idea what they are. A new theory by Vanderbilt University researcher Robert Scherrer proposes that they are actually two aspects of a single, unknown force, called a K-essence field - Universe Today
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