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NASA Gives Mars Rovers Five More Months
The manager of NASA's Mars missions said Thursday they have extended the working lives of Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity until September and they could be extended even further -
Rare X-ray Shadow Of Saturn's Moon Made
A newly released image from the Chandra X-ray Observatory shows the rare transit of a moon across a distant space object called the Crab Nebula -
Probe Sees Storms Merge On Saturn
The US-European Cassini spacecraft has caught two huge, swirling storms in the act of merging on Saturn - BBC NEWS
Milky Way Past Was More Turbulent Than Known
A team of astronomers from Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden has achieved a major breakthrough in our understanding of the Milky Way - Spaceflight Now
NASA Ponders Yearlong Space Missions
NASA is considering a proposal from its Russian partner to double the length of missions to the International Space Station from six months to one year -
Asteroid Protection Plan Proposed
An unmanned spacecraft should test ways to deflect a threatening asteroid, two astronauts have told the US government - BBC NEWS
When North Becomes South: New Clues To Earth's Mangetic Flip-Flops
Next time Earth's magnetic field flips, compass needles will point South instead of North. But scientists can't say when it will occur, and until now they've disagreed on how long the transitions take -
Second Test Flight Of Private Rocket
A manned rocket made its second powered test flight Thursday, one day after the government approved the private bid to fly to the edge of space and claim a $10 million prize -
After Hubble: Global Push For A World Space Observatory
If NASA stands firm on its decision to let the Hubble Space Telescope die in about 2007, scientists will lose among other things their only tool for studying ultraviolet light coming from all corners of the cosmos -
Genesis Locks The Vault On Solar Wind Collection
NASA's Genesis team deactivated spacecraft's solar wind particles collectors - Spaceflight Now
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