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Odyssey's New Odometer
NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter begins working overtime today after completing a prime mission that discovered vast supplies of frozen water, ran a safety check for future astronauts, and mapped surface textures and minerals all over Mars, among other feats - SpaceDaily
Smallest 'Earth-Like' Planet Seen
European scientists have discovered what they describe as the smallest Earth-like planet orbiting a star outside our Solar System - BBC NEWS
Opportunity Team Decides Against Dunes
On sol 200 Opportunity was commanded to perform some remote sensing and some rock abrasion tool diagnostics in response to an activity that faulted out on sol 199 - SpaceDaily
South Polar Storms On Saturn Spotted By Cassini
This Cassini spacecraft narrow angle camera view of Saturn's southern polar region features a bright white spot, or storm, surrounded by faint, darker swirls of clouds - Spaceflight Now
Remnants Of 1994 Comet Impact Leave Puzzle At Jupiter
Jupiter's atmosphere still contains remnants of a comet impact from a decade ago, but scientists said last week they are puzzled by how two substances have spread into different locations -
Backyard Telescopes For New Planets. Is It Possible?
Fifteen years ago, the largest telescopes in the world had yet to locate a planet orbiting another star. Today telescopes no larger than those available in department stores are proving capable of spotting previously unknown worlds - SpaceDaily
Deepest Image Of Exploded Star Uncovers Bipolar Jets
A spectacular new image of Cassiopeia A released today from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has nearly 200 times more data than the "First Light" Chandra image of this object made five years ago - Spaceflight Now
NASA Engineers Refine Robonaut
Not content to simply stand in one place, NASA's mechanical astronaut has found not one, but two new robotic bodies that will allow it to move across land and space -
Europeans Learn From Lost Beagle 2 Mars Probe
The British team that built the space probe for Europe's doomed mission to Mars conceded Tuesday that any future ventures to the Red Planet should have better funding and detection systems for potential problems -
Russia Names New Space Station Crew
Russia, which provides the only link to the International Space Station from Earth, named on Saturday three new crew members to replace the current two-man crew in October, Interfax news agency reported -
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