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Space Shuttle Touches Down Safely In California
Space shuttle Discovery touched down at Edwards Air Force Base, California at 0812 EDT (1212 GMT) on Tuesday [Aug. 9], ending a 14-day mission to service the International Space Station - New Scientist
Unique Triple Asteroid System Discovered
Astronomers have discovered a unique set of triplets: an asteroid with two moons orbiting it. Described in a report published today [Aug. 11] in the journal Nature, the rare combination is the first of its kind ever observed - Scientific American
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Mars Rover Spirit Hits Pay Dirt
NASA's twin Mars rovers continue to turn up intriguing new rock formations after a combined total of nearly 1120 Martian days on the planet - New Scientist
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NASA's Multipurpose Mars Mission Successfully Launched
A seven-month flight to Mars began this morning [Aug. 12] for NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The mission will inspect the red planet in fine detail and assist future landers - NASA/JPL
Super-Sized Galaxy
A team of Australian and American scientists has determined NGC 300, a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Sculptor, is larger than previously believed — possibly by a factor of 2 or greater. In light of this discovery, not only will astronomers have to adjust the known size of the galaxy, but they also will have to reconsider the sizes of other spirals - Astronomy
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Proto-Sunshine At Work
By decoding chemicals in ancient meteorites, scientists have found that the gaseous body that eventually became the Sun was glowing brightly more than 4.5 billion years ago — chemically changing the material from which our solar system was born - Sky and Telescope
From ‘Macro’ To ‘Micro’ – Turbulence Seen By Cluster
Thanks to measurements by ESA’s Cluster mission, a team of European scientists have identified ‘micro’-vortices in Earth’s magnetosphere - ESA
Closing In On Gamma-Ray Bursts
Thanks to the Swift and HETE-2 satellites, astronomers have just gotten a lot closer to cracking a long-standing mystery: the origin of "short" gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) - Sky and Telescope
Ariane 5 Lifts Record Payload Into Space
This morning [Aug. 11] an Ariane 5G launcher lifted off from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. On board was the largest telecommunications satellite ever to be placed into geostationary transfer orbit - ESA
Japanese Space Observatory Suffers Loss
Only a month after its launch, the Japanese/American Suzaku X-ray observatory (formerly known as Astro-E2), has lost the use of its flagship instrument - Sky and Telescope
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