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Hubble Uncovers A Baby Galaxy In A Grown-Up Universe
Scientists using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have measured the age of what may be the youngest galaxy ever seen in the universe - Space Telescope Science Institute
Conditions On Vast Plain On Mars Could Have Been Suitable For Life, Cornell Rover Scientist Squyres States In Science Issue
Scientists have long been tantalized by the question of whether life once existed on Mars. Although present conditions on the planet would seem to be inhospitable to life, the data sent back over the past 10 months by NASA's two exploration rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, showed a world that might once have been warmer and wetter - perhaps friendly enough to support microbial organisms - Cornell University
Study Paints Our Sun As A Planet Thief
A close encounter between our sun and a passing star some four billion years ago may have played a role in shaping our solar system, a new report suggests - Scientific American
How The Early Universe Got Dusty Remains A Mystery
Astronomers who think they know how the very early universe came to have so much interstellar dust need to think again, according to new results from the Spitzer Space Telescope - University of Arizona
Major Satellite In Mystery Shutdown
A major communications satellite serving the Americas has unexpectedly and mysteriously shut down, knocking some customers offline - New Scientist
Cassini Captures Saturn Moon Red-Handed
Stealing is a crime on Earth, but at Saturn, apparently it is routine. The Cassini spacecraft has witnessed Saturn's moon Prometheus snatching particles from one of Saturn's rings - NASA/JPL/SSI
Amateurs Seek Exoplanets
This holiday season, advanced amateur astronomers can present the astronomical community with an extraordinary gift: the detection of a new transiting exoplanet - Sky and Telescope
Europa Proposed As Cosmic Ray Detector
Jupiter's ice-covered moon Europa could one day serve as a giant detector for high-energy particles from space, suggests a US scientist. He adds that other solar system bodies could also act as "telescopes" to explore the wider universe, ushering in a new era in astronomy - New Scientist
The Moon Eclipses Jupiter
Sky watchers in parts of North America can see the Moon glide in front of Jupiter before sunrise on Tuesday, Dec. 7th - Science @ NASA
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ISS Crew Redocks Soyuz Spacecraft
The Expedition 10 crewmembers are back inside the International Space Station after taking a short ride this morning [Nov. 29]. They flew their Soyuz spacecraft from one docking port to another to clear the way for two spacewalks next year - NASA
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