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Soyuz TMA-6 With ESA Astronaut Roberto Vittori Arrives At The ISS
The Soyuz TMA-6 spacecraft carrying European Space Agency astronaut Roberto Vittori on the Eneide Mission and the two members of the ISS Expedition 11 crew docked with the International Space Station today [Apr. 17] - ESA
Distant Planetoid Sedna Gives Up More Secrets
The distant planetoid Sedna appears to be covered in a tar-like sludge that gives it a distinctly red hue, a new study reveals. The findings suggests the dark crust was baked-on by the Sun and has been untouched by other objects for millions of years - New Scientist
Planetary Billiards
Researchers say the eccentric orbits of Upsilon Andromedae's planets got that way by interacting with a wayward world - Astronomy
Moon Images Reveal Bright Spots For Lunar Base
A few precious spots on the Moon may be bathed in permanent sunlight, according to planetary scientists. These bright, temperate areas might make ideal sites for a lunar base - Nature
Andromeda's Vast Starry Disk
An enormous disk of stars surrounds the Andromeda Galaxy's bright disk, say astronomers in Europe, the United States, and Australia. The newfound stellar disk spans at least 260,000 light-years, almost twice the size of the bright disk seen in photographs, and emits nearly 10 percent of the galaxy's total light - Astronomy
A Star Is Born - And It May Be The First
A new star that may be one of the first to have formed in the Universe has been discovered by an international team led by ANU researchers - Australian National University
On Orbit Anomaly Ends DART Mission Early
The Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology (DART) spacecraft that was successfully launched Friday [Apr. 15] at 10:25 a.m. PDT from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., experienced an on orbit anomaly late Friday - NASA
Cassini's April 16 Flyby Of Titan
This map of Titan's surface illustrates the regions that will be imaged by Cassini during the spacecraft's close flyby of the smog-enshrouded moon on April 16, 2005 - NASA/JPL
Flying A Science Lab To Mars
The Mars Science Laboratory, currently scheduled for launch in 2009, will land a rover three times as massive as Spirit or Opportunity and with ten scientific instruments, among them some never before flown in space - Astrobiology Magazine
Space Debris Mitigation: The Case For A Code Of Conduct
4th European Conference on Space Debris takes place at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany, 18-20 April 2005 - ESA
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