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Hubble Approaches The Final Frontier: The Dawn Of Galaxies
Detailed analyses of mankind's deepest optical view of the universe, the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF), by several expert teams, have at last identified what may turn out to be some of the earliest star-forming galaxies - SpaceDaily
Life Is A Gas: Methane Might Support Underground ET
A new test that produced methane under conditions mimicking the deep interiors of Earth and Mars lends support to an idea that the gas could theoretically support unseen colonies of microbes on both worlds -
Massive Merger Of Galaxies Is Most Powerful On Record
Scientists have now officially witnessed the perfect cosmic storm. Thanks to the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton observatory, they watched a nearby head-on collision between two galaxy clusters. The clusters smashed together thousands of galaxies and trillions of stars in one of the most powerful events ever witnessed - SpaceDaily
Mars Rovers' Mission Extends With New Goals, New Funding
The Mars rovers emerged from a communications blackout period and the low point of winter today with new funding and big plans for the journey ahead -
It's Not A Comet, It's A Pulsar
The Chandra X-Ray Observatory took this image of a pulsar surrounded by high-energy particles as it plows through interstellar space. Because it's moving so quickly and interacting so visibly with its environment, astronomers have a unique opportunity to understand pulsar magnetic fields, and how they eject material - Universe Today
Genesis Capsule Heading To Colorado
NASA will soon send its damaged Genesis space capsule back to Colorado, where builders at Lockheed Martin will join other experts in trying to figure out why it crashed in Utah earlier this month -
Mystery At The Heart Of The Milky Way
A mystery lurking at the centre of our own Milky Way galaxy - an object radiating high-energy gamma rays - has been detected by a team of UK astronomers working with international partners - Universe Today
Oxygen, Food A Prime Concern For Next ISS Crew
International Space Station (ISS) officials have listed food and oxygen supplies among their top concerns for the next astronauts bound for the orbiting facility, and are drawing up plans to de-crew the station if stores dip too low -
The Flow Of Interstellar Helium In The Solar System
Through coordinated observations with instruments on several ESA and NASA spacecraft, and a collaborative analysis effort hosted by the International Space Science Institute (ISSI), an international team of scientists has compiled for the first time a consistent set of the physical parameters of helium in the local interstellar gas cloud that surrounds the solar system - SpaceDaily
NASA Awards Jupiter Icy Moons Mission
NASA has chosen Northrop Grumman Space Technology to build its upcoming Prometheus Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (JIMO) spacecraft, and awarded them a $400 million contract to cover costs up to 2008 - Universe Today
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