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New Kind Of Star Found
An international team of astronomers has discovered a new class of stars--massively compressed old neutron stars that seem inactive but for intermittent bursts of radio waves - Scientific American
Newly Forming Solar System Has Planets Running Backwards
Call it the biggest beltway ever seen. Astronomers have discovered a newly forming solar system with the inner part orbiting in one direction and the outer part orbiting the other way - NASA
Mars Rover To Seek Safe Winter Haven
As Spirit continues to explore a strikingly layered new outcrop, mission planners are working out how the robotic explorer will survive the winter - New Scientist
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NASA's Spitzer Finds Violent Galaxies Smothered In 'Crushed Glass'
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has observed a rare population of colliding galaxies whose entangled hearts are wrapped in tiny crystals resembling crushed glass - NASA/JPL
Space Samples Sent Out For Study
Scientists begin their analysis of Sun samples from the crashed Genesis probe and comet samples returned by Stardust - Astronomy
Saturn's Inner Moons – More Rubble Than Ice
The Ringed Planet's small inner moons may not be huge chunks of ice after all, but "rubble piles" built around small cores, new Cassini images indicate - New Scientist
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Galactic Glow Gleaned
Thanks to NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) satellite, astronomers appear to have solved the long-standing mystery of what produces the diffuse glow of X-ray emission that permeates our galaxy - Sky and Telescope
Cassini Spots Saturn Superstorm
A dynamic storm on Saturn is blasting radio noise at the Cassini spacecraft orbiting the planet. The noise, scientists say, comes from lightning bolts 1,000 times stronger than anything seen on Earth - Astronomy
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Space-Elevator Tether Climbs A Mile High
A slim but superstrong cable reaches a mile into the sky, while robots scrabble up and down the line – one day, the cable will end in space - New Scientist
Amateurs Recover SuitSat's Signal
Undaunted by a weaker-than-expected signal, thousands of amateur hams tune in to hear the SuitSat satellite - Astronomy
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