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Ammonia On Mars Could Mean Life
Ammonia may have been found in Mars' atmosphere which some scientists say could indicate life on the Red Planet - BBC NEWS
Astronomers Measure Mass Of A Single Star — First Since The Sun
Astronomers have directly measured the mass of a single star — the first time such a feat has been accomplished for any solitary star other than our own Sun -
NASA's Mars Rovers Roll Into Martian Winter
As winter approaches on Mars, NASA's Opportunity rover continues to inch deeper into the stadium-sized crater dubbed "Endurance" - Spaceflight Now
Photos Show Two-Faced Saturn Moon
The international Cassini spacecraft has taken new images of Saturn's two-faced moon Iapetus, possibly offering clues to why the moon has a dark hemisphere and another that is bright, scientists said Thursday -
Hawking U-turn On Black Holes
Stephen Hawking says he was wrong about a key argument he put forward 30 years ago on the behaviour of black holes - BBC NEWS
Tiny Hot Spot Found On City-Sized Star
Astronomers have detected a hot spot about the size of a football field on a city-sized star that is 500 light-years away -
Craft Launched To Probe Atmosphere's Chemistry
A school bus-sized space observatory that will monitor the health of Earth's atmosphere in unprecedented detail rocketed into polar orbit today, finally darting away from its California launch pad atop a Boeing Delta 2 booster after several frustrating delays - Spaceflight Now
Nasa Set To Revisit Mercury
The US space agency is set to launch a spacecraft to Mercury on 2 August, its first visit to the planet in 30 years - BBC NEWS
NASA Studies New Lunar Sampling, Jupiter Missions
NASA today announced the selection of two proposals for detailed study as candidates for the next mission in the agency's New Frontiers Program - Spaceflight Now
Defense Against Asteroids Under Study
A mission to smash into a space rock to deflect it and study its structure has been given priority over five other potential asteroid projects by the European Space Agency -
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