Discover Astronomy.

Discover Astronomy is the first step towards a lifetime of exploration of our universe.

Aimed at the novice user - no prior knowledge of astronomy is assumed or required.

50 Space simulations, nine guided tours and an amazing photo gallery provide a first-time view of the mysteries of space.

Key features of Discover Astronomy
Astronomy Guided Tours - no need to know how to navigate around the sky - Discover Astronomy does it for you. Nine narrated animations describe the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the development of life on Earth.
50 Space Simulations linked to the Penguin Dictionary illustrate aspects of the solar system.
100 spectacular space photos of stars, galaxies and the planets, each with explanatory text.

Minimum system requirements:

PC Version:
486 or higher processor. Windows 3.1/3.11 and MS-DOS 3.3 or above. Double speed CD-ROM drive (Quad speed recommended). 256 color display (64k/16 bit color recommended). 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended). Adlib and Soundblaster compatible. Mouse.

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