Daily Telegraph
"Discover Astronomy uses RedShift 2's powerful engine, but it is very easy to use. This is a great introduction to astronomy, sensibly priced. "

PC Direct
"Ideal for someone wanting to illustrate a lecture or lesson with the freedom to provide their own commentary and proceed at their own pace. "

Times Education Supplement
"Now for Discover Astronomy. Fifty movies made using RedShift help explain the seasons and eclipses. Do the stars really move in the sky? Does the sun change position through the year. Just look and see. This will be handy in class to explain things or the library to raise interest. "

Astronomy Now
"A first class present for any amateur astronomer, but at the same time it would also be useful for children of all ages who have a scientific interest. It?s hard to believe that a single piece of software could satisfy so many different age groups. "

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