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Mars Rover Sits On Ancient Beach
The US space agency has announced that its robotic Mars rover Opportunity is parked on what was once the shore of a salty Martian sea - BBC NEWS
New Phase Of Exploration Beginning For Mars Rovers
NASA's Spirit will begin trekking toward hills on its eastern horizon in the next few days, entering a new phase of the rover's exploration of Mars just before its prime three-month mission ends and its extended mission begins - Spaceflight Now
Martian Spiral Mystery At Poles Explained
A new model of trough formation suggests that heating and cooling alone are sufficient to form the unusual patterns - SpaceDaily
Nasa Jet Smashes Speed Record
An experimental hypersonic plane has broken the world speed record by flying at seven times the speed of sound, said US space agency Nasa - BBC NEWS
Say Hello To Our New Moon
Earth has acquired a "quasi-moon" -- an asteroid that will encircle our planet for the next couple of years while it orbits the sun on a horseshoe-shaped path - SpaceDaily
Galaxy Debris The Smoking Gun For Dark Matter?
WIMPs speeding at 670,000 mph on a "highway" in space may be raining onto Earth -- a phenomenon that might prove the existence of "dark matter" that makes up most our galaxy and one-fourth of the universe - Spaceflight Now
NASA Finds Flaw Could Have Doomed Another Shuttle
NASA has discovered a potentially disastrous mistake made more than 20 years ago on the space shuttle Discovery and plans to replace key parts on all three of its shuttles - Reuters
China's Moon Launch On Fast Track
China has moved up the launch of a moon-orbiting satellite by one year to 2006 -
10-Week Launch Delay Adds Two Years To Mercury Journey
The already-long voyage from Earth to Mercury for the MESSENGER spacecraft got even longer this week when NASA delayed the probe's launch to a time that will require a more circuitous route - Spaceflight Now
Rare Stargazing Spectacle Offered By 5 Planets
Five planets are arrayed across the evening sky in a spectacular night show that won't be back for another three decades -
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