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Space Shuttle Blasts Off Without A Hitch
Discovery triumphantly soared off its launch pad on Tuesday [July 26], marking the long-anticipated return to flight of the space shuttle - New Scientist
Cassini Finds Recent And Unusual Geology On Enceladus
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has obtained new detailed images of the south polar region of Saturn's moon Enceladus. The data reveal distinctive geological features and the most youthful terrain seen on the moon - NASA
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Has Huygens Found Life On Titan?
IF LIFE exists on Titan, Saturn's biggest moon, we could soon know about it - as long as it's the methane-spewing variety. The chemical signature of microbial life could be hidden in readings taken by the European Space Agency's Huygens probe when it landed on Titan in January - New Scientist
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Pluto's Moon Reveals Atmosphere?
A recent multi-telescope observation of Charon passing in front of a distant star will help astronomers' understanding of Pluto's moon - Astronomy
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Cassini Reveals Saturn's Eerie-Sounding Radio Emissions
Saturn's radio emissions could be mistaken for a Halloween sound track. That's how two researchers describe their recent findings, published in the July 23 issue of the Geophysical Research Letters - NASA/JPL
The Supernova That Just Won't Fade Away
Scientists have found that a star that exploded in 1979 is as bright today in X-ray light as it was when it was discovered years ago, a surprise finding because such objects usually fade significantly after only a few months - ESA
NASA Telescope Reveals Nearby Galaxy's Invisible Arms
A new image from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer shows that a galaxy once thought to be rather plain and old is actually endowed with a gorgeous set of young spiral arms - NASA/JPL
Meteorites Paint Picture Of A Forever-Frigid Mars
Temperatures on Mars today hover around a chilly -58 degrees Celsius. Some scientists have proposed, however, that the planet could have been balmy in the past, allowing for liquid water and the possibility of life. But the results of a new chemical analysis have dealt a blow to that theory, indicating that the surface temperatures on the Red Planet barely rose above freezing in the past several billion years - Scientific American
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NASA's New Mars Orbiter Will Sharpen Vision Of Exploration
NASA's next mission to Mars will examine the red planet in unprecedented detail from low orbit and provide more data about the intriguing planet than all previous missions combined - NASA/JPL
ESA Transfer Ownership Of European-Built ISS Observation Module To NASA
Ownership of the European-built Cupola observation module for the International Space Station (ISS) was officially transferred to NASA on 7 July 2005 - ESA
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