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Mars Rover's Wheel Breaks As Winter Beckons
Spirit's front-right wheel grinds to a halt, just as it is needed to reach a north-facing slope to maximise the sunlight falling on the vehicle's solar arrays - New Scientist
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NASA's New Mars Orbiter Returns Test Images
The first test images of Mars from NASA's newest spacecraft provide a tantalizing preview of what the orbiter will reveal when its main science mission begins next fall - NASA/JPL
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Clandestine Comets Found In Main Asteroid Belt
Finding a reservoir of icy comets, so close to Earth bolsters a theory that they could have played a key role in forming Earth's oceans - New Scientist
Mini-Comets Approaching Earth
A cometary "string-of-pearls" will fly past Earth in May 2006 giving astronomers a fantastic view of a comet in its death throes - Science @ NASA
Study Of Martian Meteorite Reveals Markings Similar To Bacteria-Etched Rocks On Earth
A new study of a meteorite that originated from Mars has revealed a series of microscopic tunnels that are similar in size, shape and distribution to tracks left on Earth rocks by feeding bacteria - Oregon State University
New Data Reveals Mysteries Of Asteroid Itokawa
Hayabusa mission scientists debate the formation, age and composition of the space rock, in the first major release of information - New Scientist
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Cosmic Explosion Mystery Deepens
Just when astronomers thought they had solved one of astronomy's deepest mysteries — the origin of short gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) — Mother Nature has thrown them for a loop - Sky and Telescope
Cannibal Stars Like Their Food Hot, XMM-Newton Reveals
ESA’s XMM-Newton has seen vast clouds of superheated gas, whirling around miniature stars and escaping from being devoured by the stars’ enormous gravitational fields - giving a new insight into the eating habits of the galaxy’s ‘cannibal’ stars - ESA
Stardust Part II: Deep Impact Comet Revisited?
NASA's Stardust probe, having returned samples from Comet Wild 2, may be called back into action to study the comet smashed by Deep Impact - New Scientist
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Towards A New Test Of General Relativity?
Scientists funded by the European Space Agency have measured the gravitational equivalent of a magnetic field for the first time in a laboratory - ESA
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