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Mission of two Soviet spacecraft to Venus and then to comet Halley. The first probe was launched on December 15, 1984, the second one - on December 21, 1984. Made the first images of a comet at a close distance (~10,000 km) which were in particular used to target Giotto (ESA) to a much closer (~500 km) fly by comet Halley.
was launched on February 17, 1996 to study near Earth asteroid 433 Eros. imaged comet Hyakutake en route. However, just before the scheduled rendezvous with the comet the spacecraft failed to complete the final engine burn….
Launch on February 7, 1999. the primary objective of the mission is to fly by comet P/Wild 2 and collect samples of dust and volatile in the coma of the comet
Deep Space 1
launch on October 24, 1998, successfully flew closely above the surface of asteroid 9969 Braille, now is targeted to fly by comet Wilson-Harrington in January 2001 and then perhaps comet Borrelly in September 2001
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