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New Moons Of Pluto
Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to probe the ninth planet in our solar system, astronomers have discovered that Pluto may have not one, but three moons - Science @ NASA, Space Telescope Science Institute
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Infrared Glow Of First Stars Found
When NASA's infrared Spitzer Space Telescope snapped pictures of a distant quasar in the Draco constellation in October 2003, the photo shoot was only intended to calibrate the instrument. Those images, however, just may have provided a glimpse of the very first stars in the universe - Scientific American
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Volcanoes Ruled Out For Martian Methane
The planet’s methane cannot come from eruptions, shows new research, increasing the small chance that the gas is coming from living organisms - New Scientist
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Exploding Stars Explained?
Astronomers have discovered that sound waves rattling through a massive star can make it go supernova - Sky and Telescope
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First Direct Distance To Andromeda
A newly determined distance to our closest galactic neighbor agrees perfectly with the figure generated using less direct techniques - Astronomy
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'Cloudshine' May Reveal Secrets Of Star Birth
Astronomers discover a new way to probe dark clouds of gas and dust in space, shedding light on the mysteries of star formation - New Scientist
Neutron Star Discovered Where A Black Hole Was Expected
A very massive star collapsed to form a neutron star and not a black hole as expected, according to new results from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory - Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
Asteroid Encounter Postponed
The planned touchdown of a Japanese space probe on a distant asteroid has been cancelled at the last minute - BBC
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SSETI Express: Power Problem
Since Friday [Oct. 28] morning, the ground control station in Aalborg has not had any contact with SSETI Express. Thorough analysis over the weekend indicates that a failure in the electrical power system on board the spacecraft is preventing the batteries from charging, resulting in a shutdown of the satellite - ESA
NASA Tightens Its Belt, Again
NASA administrator Mike Griffin has confirmed speculation that even more of its science projects would be cut or delayed in an attempt to keep President Bush's 'vision for space' alive - Nature
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